1940s Hairstyles Best Of Women S 1940s Hairstyles An Overview Hair and Makeup

25+ Ideas Women s 1940s Hairstyles An Overview Hair and Makeup 2020

The 1940s hairstyles are generally very different from the present day hairstyles. During this era, hair was more permed and tight, and the major portion of the hair was in ponytails or cornrows. As a result, there were only two methods of hair drying in the 1940s. You could use heat or you could use cold. Either way, the hair dried using a high pressure jet or dryer to ensure an even, straight look that lasted all day long.

Of course, hot dryers have been around since the 1800s. They were used in homes and salons. Once electricity came into being, commercial hair dryers became available for the public. This had a huge impact on the hairstyles and trend of the era. Hot or cold hair dryers were the only way to dry your hair, and all other methods had been replaced with the steam process. As you may not know, the hair is the most absorbent substance in the body, and it loves to be bathed with water, particularly when you are wet.

Hair was tightly curled and tight at times, but it was also very fragile and delicate. It was possible to cause skin problems and even damage your hair by cutting it too short or too long. Today, the hair is much thicker, and it has become a normal part of our everyday lives. So much care is taken to make sure that the hair is always looking its best. The hairstyles of the 1940s are a distant memory, but you can still enjoy them if you know where to look.

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