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35+ Great Modern Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

When looking for Modern farmhouse great room ideas there are many things to keep in mind. Many of these are just the basics of functionality and have been adopted from various home decorating books and magazines. In most cases they are very easily adaptable to current living room designs. If you are working with a Victorian or Edwardian style home, the modern farmhouse living room will tie in perfectly with the look and feel of your home.

One of the first things to consider is the use of windows and doors. Modern farmhouse rooms feature large windows that can either be French or German covered. These should preferably be located on the large side wall so that they have ample light entering into the living room. These windows and doors can also feature decorative molding or brackets that extend from the top of the window to create a welcoming entry way for guests. The use of skylights is also popular in modern farmhouse living rooms as well as the patio area. These can be covered or not, depending on the style and look of the design you are going with.

One of the other great farmhouse living room ideas is to create an enclosed sitting area in the center of the room. This can be done by building a simple wooden or vinyl enclosure. The sides of the enclosure can be covered in tiled or wooden flooring. This can provide plenty of seating for your guests, if the size of the farmhouse is adequate for an extra chair or two. Adding an alcove will also provide additional sleeping space for overnight guests. Once you have your modern farmhouse living room set up, it will be easy to host many events in this area without having to worry about the outside elements.

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