44 the four basics in kitchen interior design

The Four Basics in Kitchen Interior Design with 35+ Ideas

If you are considering remodeling, decorating or redoing your kitchen layout, there are several things you must consider before you shell out thousands of your hard earned money. It is no wonder you want to redo the interior design layout for your kitchen. Often a remodeled kitchen can return 2 times the cost of its investment when the house sells.

And with this decorating and kitchen layout remodel, you not only make money in the future but also you greatly improve your standard of living while you are still in your home. But getting to the point where your kitchen has been successfully redone can be a big undertaking. While sketching out and working on an interior design layout is not rocket science, it’s also not for the faint of heart.

Kitchen Interior Design Planning

The kitchen is the center of almost every home. It is the one place where you gather with family and friends, prepare and eat meals plus handle family business or personal finances. So any prolonged construction work or project will eventually have a negative ripple effect through the whole family.

This is why having a decent decorating and kitchen layout is so important. The better your kitchen interior design plans the smoother and faster things can be completed by your team of installers, electricians and plumbers.

There are only 4 basic kitchen layouts or: “Fab Four”: the one-wall or single-wall plan, the “L-Shape”, the “U-Shape” and the increasingly popular “Island” layout. All of these layouts are based on the classic “kitchen triangle” of sink, stove and refrigerator.

Your budget along with the current floor plan and placement of plumbing and electrical features can restrict how creative you can be with any of the above layouts, but homeowners are often surprised how much flexibility they have when they choose the right interior design layout for their kitchen.

Interior Design Layout # 1 – The easiest to implement of these basic kitchen layouts is the “one-wall” or “single-wall ” design. This layout is based on placing the sink, stove and refrigerator with any counter tops against a single wall. This type of layout is very flexible and you can setup workstations in any arrangement you like. The only requirement is that the wall you use must be at least 8 feet in order setup all the equipment in place unless you use miniaturized appliances.

Interior Design Layout # 2 – This next one is very popular many homes with medium sized kitchens is the “L-Shape” layout. With this decorating or kitchen layout, can set up the appliances or equipment in the “L’s” corner while spreading out the countertop workspace on both legs.

Interior Design Layout # 3 – Another popular kitchen layouts is the “U-Shape”. This is an excellent kitchen interior design for a larger floor plan. Here all the appliances and sink be can be wrapped around the “U” with each leg home for a triangle point: the stove, sink or freezer. This design allows for lots of counter space and prep area between each section.

Interior Design Layout # 4 – the final of this “fab four” is the “Island”. Here you basically take a standard “U-Shape” layout and expand it out with a separate workspace or “island” in the center. This layout is best for a kitchen that has enough floor space to workstations from becoming blocked or congested from too much traffic.